3 Vital Supplies for Making Luxury Candles

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3 Vital Supplies for Making Luxury Candles

17 February 2021
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Have you ever thought of starting a side business? Harsh economic times often call for some ingenuity to supplement one's income, and a side business is a perfect way to do so. Candle making is one such idea, and although it might seem like a simple craft, it can turn a tidy profit with the right approach. Although most beginners start with regular candles, you cannot go wrong with luxury, high-end candles because they attract better profit margins. Most customers agree that luxury candles are a powerful and easy way to create different moods and add scent to their home's interior. This article highlights the critical supplies you need to make luxury candles at home.

Wooden Candle Wicks

The most common material used to make candlewick is cotton. The wicks are thin and burn rather quickly, which makes them ideal for regular candles. However, if you are aiming for luxury candles, then wooden wicks are the best. They have recently gained popularity due to their visual aesthetics and the cracking sounds they make as a candle burns. Wooden candlewicks are also easy to work with because their rigidity allows for easy centring. You can choose from single-ply, multi-layered, curved, or decorative shaped wicks made from sustainably sourced wood. Furthermore, you can even colour the wooden wicks for added aesthetics.

Soy Wax

The type of wax you choose dictates how you price candles. You can find cheap paraffin-based wax in your local store, but why settle for it when you can use soy wax? Most luxury candles are made using soy wax and for good reasons. The wax is a natural ingredient since it is derived from soybean oil. It is also renewable and considered a safe and sustainable option, which burns slower than other wax types. The best part is that soy wax holds onto scents longer, meaning that it releases fragrance gradually.


It is the one ingredient that can transform an ordinary candle into a luxurious piece. Scented candles are popular because of their ability to change the mood in a room instantly. They are mostly used in spas and massage parlours, where serenity is of utmost importance. You can choose from various fragrances so that customers have an array of options to select from. Moreover, you can label the kind of mood each scented candle enhances, making it easy for customers to choose a candle that suits a specific ambience.

Visit a craft store to find the candle making supplies you need.