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The world of business and finance gets skewered, as Bottom Liners tackles subjects such as foreign takeovers, office policies, getting a raise, and the fast-paced world of Wall Street.
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A wry look at the absurdities of everyday life.
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In today's complex world of family issues, Focus on the Family provides grounded, practical advice for those dealing with family problems.
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Since 1978, Miss Manners has answered readers' questions about all things etiquette, from proper table decorum and party planning to queries involving more complicated aspects of life.
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Kit is a single working woman. Carlyle is her spunky, mischievous kitten. Their lives together provide the humor for this slice-of-life strip.
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Get credible, unbiased advice from the editors of Consumer Reports about products, services, finance, health, nutrition, and more.
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How black is black enough?

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The Way I See It

The Hunters

Two hunters rented a helicopter to help them get to a remote hunting area. After a couple of days, the pilot returned to take them back. After looking at their hunting trophies, the pilot said, "Looks like you had a great hunt, but unfortunately the chopper can't carry that big of a load, so you'll have to leave some behind." One of the men protested, "But last year we had the same amount of game and the pilot agreed to take them all." The pilot thought for a moment and said, "OK, I guess if it worked last year, it should be OK this time, too."

The helicopter loaded up and started taking off but was not able to gain the altitude it needed and crashed into a nearby hill. After getting out of the wreck, the hunters looked around and one of them asked, "Where do you think we are?" His hunting pal looked around and said, "I think we're about two miles south of the place we crashed last time we were hunting out here."

Here's the way I see it: A mistake is only a mistake if you don't learn from it. Our printing professionals are here to ensure your important projects run smoothly from conception to completion, with no mistakes.

Idea of the Week
Blacker than Black: Using "Enriched" Black Ink

When we think of colors, we often think of many different shades of each primary color. Take blue for example...it can vary between colors such as baby blue, aqua, turquoise, teal, royal blue, or navy blue.

Many people would assume that the one exception to these color variations is black. After all, we think of black as being absolute darkness, and expect it to appear this way when printed on a document as well. However, black that is used in full-color (process) printing is transparent, like all process inks, and cannot cover ink or paper as thoroughly as you may like.

Although using an opaque black ink may seem like a simple solution, it would cause adverse reactions to other color or high-resolution images that contain black ink. Instead, the wise choice would be to add various "enriched" process blacks to your color menus. Their use should vary according to how and where the black is applied.

Here are two types of enriched blacks to consider using:
  • Rich black. Rich black combines process black with one other process ink (traditionally 100% black and 60% cyan), which causes the black to appear "blacker" because the second ink color increases its density. Use rich black whenever the edges of a black object are fully exposed, or when a black object straddles other image information. And remember, it's only appropriate for objects that are at least a quarter-inch thick.

  • Super black. By combining three process undercolors (50% cyan, 50% magenta, and 50% yellow), you can create the deepest, most satisfying process black you can reproduce on-press. Use super black only when all the object edges are within other colors, or when they bleed off the edge of the page.
Note: Because computer monitors cannot accurately duplicate printed results, the graphic illustrating the use of enriched black is meant only to give an approximation of the end result.

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Marketing Tip
Track Offline Marketing

While most online marketing (such as emails, social media, and blogs) have built-in metrics that can easily be tracked, here are a few tips to help you track the success of your offline printed marketing efforts:

  • Create custom microsites (landing pages) that link to your direct mail piece, tradeshow flyer, or print ad. Because microsites have custom URL addresses, traffic can easily be tracked via web analytics. Be sure the URLs are short and easy to type.

  • Physical coupons are one of the most effective ways to track response rates. Consider printing direct mail, flyers, brochures, and even letterhead or business cards with a tear-away coupon that can easily be tracked.

  • If you promote an offer in your print materials and encourage customers to redeem it online, use customized coupon codes to differentiate them from other offers.

  • When making in-store purchases, encourage customers to “mention this newsletter” for an additional X percent off.

  • Consider using QR codes on your print materials as a great way to drive traffic from a printed piece to your website. You may also consider dynamic QR codes, which allow you to change where the page redirects for a single QR code and also offer valuable analytics, which you can use to measure response rates.

  • Consider using a custom phone number that is advertised on your marketing materials. Only those that have viewed your marketing materials will call it.

  • Send pre-show postcards to attendees and encourage them to bring your postcard for an extra chance to win a prize at your booth.

If you'd like help creating trackable marketing materials that can help boost your sales, give us a call today!

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Uncommon Product
It's Time to Reorder!

Is your business taking advantage of the opportunity to receive more orders via convenient reorder forms Reorder forms can be located in a monthly billing statement, the last box of a customers' shipment, or as a friendly direct mail piece prompt to order additional supplies before items run out.

Not only can reorder forms help customers avoid the stress of last minute ordering, but they can also help customers prevent the possibility of rush charges.

Reorder forms are a great way to not only sell more of the same product, but they can also help companies upsell complimentary products and promote product specials.

If you'd like help creating reorder forms that will make your customers' lives easier and your business more profitable, stop by today. We'll help you create a reminder they'll never forget!

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Tech Tip
Easy Website Shortcut

One of the easiest ways to go directly to your favorite website is by saving a link to it on your desktop. To do this, simply minimize or arrange your web browser window so you can see both the web browser window and your computer's desktop.

While on the web browser window, find the small icon directly to the left of the web address that you would like to save. (Note: This icon or “favicon” can vary in appearances between web browsers, ranging from a site-created custom graphic to a simple blank document graphic.) Click on the icon, hold down with your mouse, and drag the icon to your desktop, then release. Now, simply double click the icon on your desktop, and it will open and bring you directly to the website you saved.

If you'd like tips and tricks that will help make your printing projects easier, give us a call today!

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