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An adroit mixture of everyday settings and extraordinary events.
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The world of business and finance gets skewered, as Bottom Liners tackles subjects such as foreign takeovers, office policies, getting a raise, and the fast-paced world of Wall Street.
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A wry look at the absurdities of everyday life.
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In today's complex world of family issues, Focus on the Family provides grounded, practical advice for those dealing with family problems.
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Since 1978, Miss Manners has answered readers' questions about all things etiquette, from proper table decorum and party planning to queries involving more complicated aspects of life.
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Kit is a single working woman. Carlyle is her spunky, mischievous kitten. Their lives together provide the humor for this slice-of-life strip.
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Get credible, unbiased advice from the editors of Consumer Reports about products, services, finance, health, nutrition, and more.
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Distinguish Your Marketing with These 3 Tests

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The Way I See It

Stranger Danger

Two little girls are sitting around the lunch table talking about their pets and the many tricks they have taught them. The one girl says, "My dad is teaching our dog how to protect our house from strangers. Every day he puts on a different disguise and encourages my dog to attack him." The second little girl asked, "Is it working?" The first girl replies, "It sure is! Now, every time a stranger comes to our house, she bites daddy!"

Here's the way I see it: Henry Ford once said, "The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing." When you choose to work with our print shop, you can rest assured that you made a great choice!

Idea of the Week
Distinguish Your Marketing with These 3 Tests

Stop marketing by accident! No matter what your strategy is for getting your brand to the forefront of people's minds, you must be intentional and learn ways that will outsmart your competition. Scrutinize your different marketing platforms to ensure your marketing is increasing your brand awareness by delivering a unique and valuable message to your customers. If you have yet to put your marketing under the microscope, it's time to put it to the test.

Here's a quick look at a three-part test that can revolutionize the messages you're delivering and out-position your competition.

The 'Prove-It' Test

Can you prove your marketing messages? Do you have testimonials to back up what you promise? If not, you need to redevelop your marketing messages. Verifiable facts, along with third-party proof, should be easily accessible by your customers so they can rest assured that all of your different marketing messages are based on honesty and integrity.

The 'So-What?' Test

What's the point of your marketing messages? Do they have value? Do they answer a question? Do they explain to customers how your products and services can be of use? The best way to pass the So-What? test is by reading through each of your marketing messages and then asking yourself "so, what does this marketing message say?" If the messages don't bring value to your customers, you'll need to create better ones.

The 'Black Marker' Test

This is the most important test of all because you must make sure all of your ads are well-branded. Take a few of your ads and line them up next to the ads of your competitors. Next, black out the company names on each ad with a black marker. Ask people outside of your company to pick out which ads are yours. If your ads can't be distinguished from your competitors' ads, then you have a problem.

The Takeaway

Distinguishing yourself among a sea of other marketers is an essential part of the marketing process. It's time for you to start testing the marketing messages you are sending to make sure that they're passing these essential tests and bringing value to your company instead of tarnishing your brand.

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Marketing Tip
Creating a Business Summary

A business summary offers important information about your company and often serves as an informal introduction to those that are unfamiliar with your business.

Think about all the places that your business summary appears… ranging from press releases, social media sites, directories, trade association websites, sponsorships, your website, proposals, etc. It's very important to have a well-written, professional profile that describes your company, as well as a summary that highlights the credentials of your key teams.

While it's tempting to provide every possible detail about your business, a summary should provide a brief, high-level overview of your business that entices readers to learn more, ideally within 200 words or less. If your business targets multiple industries, create unique business summaries that target each audience.

Here are a few things to consider including in your business summary:

  • What your company does and where you are located

  • How long you have been in the industry

  • Qualifications and certifications

  • Partnerships

  • Key clients that you have worked with

  • Awards and recognitions

If you'd like help creating marketing materials that portray your business in a positive light, give us a call today!

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Uncommon Product
Coupon Sheet with Magnet

If you'd like to offer a variety of coupons that your customers will keep visible in a front of mind location, consider creating a coupon sheet with a magnetic strip attached to the back. Not only can a well-designed coupon sheet offer valuable savings on a variety of products, but it can also build customer loyalty and entice customers away from your competition when choosing where to make upcoming purchases.

As an example, a coupon sheet could promote an end of the year blow-out savings and offer coupons on different products each week. Label coupons clearly so that the user knows which days they are valid. A valuable coupon with a short redemption period will often entice customers to move quickly. Also, by dispersing the coupon dates, you can increase the likelihood of return visitors.

To maximize your marketing real estate, design the top quarter of the page as promotional information to highlight new products, announce store openings, blow-out specials, etc. Design the lower portion into multiple coupons with perforated edges for easy removal. Highlight the coupon offers in large text, such as "Buy One, Get One Free!" and include an attractive product photo if possible. Be sure to include your logo, tracking code, expiration date, and any important details.

If you'd like help creating a coupon sheet your customers will look forward to using, stop by today!

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Tech Tip
Are You Connected?

Today's technology-driven world relies on the Internet for nearly everything we do, which can make Wi-Fi issues extra aggravating. Here are a few of the most common Wi-Fi troubles and suggestions for how to fix them:

  • Can't view of list of nearby wireless networks Make sure your wireless access is enabled. Check for a wireless function button on your laptop, or search for "wireless" in your menu.

  • Do you have iffy wireless signal You may be experiencing signal interference from other electronics (such as microwaves, cell phones, Bluetooth devices, wireless surveillance systems, wireless speakers, etc.). Other physical barriers, such as brick, metal, windows, walls, or furniture could also block your signal. Try moving closer to your router or moving your router to a central location that is elevated high up off the ground. In addition, standard antennas broadcast in all directions around the router, so if your router is near an outer wall, you are losing half of your router's power outside your home.

  • Does your wireless signal weaken because there is too much distance between your device and your router Consider adding a second router as a wireless access point or a wireless repeater between your router and your computer to get a boost in signal.

  • Does your wireless connection drop off Reset your router by unplugging it for 30 seconds. Then, plug it back in to reset it. Also, make sure your router has sufficient airflow and is not overheating, which can also cause wireless issues. Consider setting your router to reboot on a schedule, such as once a day during non-crucial usage hours.

  • Can't connect new devices to your router Consider updating your router's firmware, which can fix known issues and sometimes even add new features. If a firmware update doesn't help, consider restoring your router's settings to their factory default values. Note: this will require reconfiguring your internet connection settings.

  • Having wireless issues on only one device Consider reinstalling the wireless adapter driver and/or software on that device. Download the latest software or network adapter driver from the manufacturer's website and follow their directions for reinstalling.

  • Nothing is helping to restore your wireless connection Call your internet provider to see if they are experiencing an internet outage. If there is no outage, ask them for tips on how to restore your wireless internet service.

While we can't guarantee your wireless connections will always be ideal, we can promise that your printing projects will be headache-free when you work with our print shop! Remember, other printers may be nearby, but nobody comes close.


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