August 16, 2016

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Whatever You Water, Grows

I heard a story about a lady standing in her garden admiring and watering her plants with the hose running. She turned to one side and noticed a bunch of weeds and frantically turned to look side to side, muttering, "Oh no! Where are all those weeds coming from? They're going to take over my flowers!" As she turned side to side, the hose poured water everywhere she turned, watering the weeds, which continued to grow and take over her garden.

Here's the way I see it: Whatever you water, grows. Just like the gardener, our water taps are always on. Water the weeds, and they will grow. Water the roses, and they will flourish. By focusing our attention on something in life – whether it be good or bad - we are allowing it to grow. If you'd like help focusing on your positive marketing efforts, we can help your sales grow!

Idea of the Week
6 Steps To Customer-Centric Writing

Most business owners come ingrained with a laser-like focus on their business. They'll swell with pride and "shout it from the rooftops" to tell you about their newest, exciting product or service. However, like the majority of people in business, they tend to take a business-focused approach, focusing on promoting the features or specs of the product and making sure that you know how this new product or service is the best of the best.

Look at me, guy with megaphone

Here in lies the rub as they say. While shouting it from the rooftops might seem like a good approach, customers don't necessarily want to hear about your business. Instead, they want to hear about how your company will help THEM. They are more concerned that you understand their need and are offering a solution to address it.

Here's where customer-centric writing and promotion comes in. Instead of writing with the focus on you and your business, you can stand out from the crowd by thinking about how your new product or service will benefit your customers. Writing with your client in mind demonstrates that you understand their needs and want to help them achieve their goals. Writing with empathy creates better connections and improved communication, with happier outcomes. Happy customers become your business's greatest fans.

Here are six steps to help you shift your perspective to be more customer-centric:

  1. List at least three to five main features of your business.
  2. Arrange the list beginning with the most important feature.
  3. Now look at the list, select the first feature, and dig down to what that feature means to your customer. For example, if you are in the tire business, and one of the features is that you're within walking distance of a mall, then you might put "location" on your list.
  4. Step into your customer's mindset. What does your location mean for them? How will it solve their problem? The benefit is they can drop off their car, shop, have lunch, or meet a friend instead of sitting in a dull waiting room.
  5. Take the next feature you listed and then go through the same process. Rinse and repeat with the rest of the features.
  6. If you've never looked at your business this way before, it's likely that you might not be sure of what your customers do want and need. How can you find out? That's where tip #6 comes in. Even if you've been in business for a while and think you know the needs of your customers, it's good to refresh your viewpoint.

  7. Pay attention to the questions they have and ask them for more information about what they're trying to do. Don't assume you know what they want, find out by talking to them.

Cartoon group with 2 word bubbles

Your customers are individuals, with goals and dreams unique to them. They come to you for help to make these happen. What does your company do for them? That's the direction your marketing writing needs to take.

When you practice customer-centric marketing, you not only differentiate yourself from competitors, you establish the basis for customer loyalty, repeat business, and word-of-mouth recommendations.

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Marketing Tip
Get More Bang for Your Marketing Buck

If your business is looking for a way to expand your reach and get more bang for your marketing buck, you may want to consider co-marketing. Co-marketing is when two businesses collaborate on promotional efforts. The businesses should be complementary, targeting the same audience, without competing against each other. For example, an animal clinic could partner with a boarding and grooming business. They're both targeting pet owners, but their offerings are entirely different.

Here are a few tips to ensure your next co-marketing promotion is successful:

  • Choose a company that has a good reputation and won't affect your credibility.

  • Reward customers who buy from one business with a discount or coupon at a partner business.

  • Display each other's flyers and ads prominently at each business.

  • Create jointly sponsored events that feature product samples, guest speakers, and promotions.

  • Have each company send a mailer to their marketing list introducing the other's business, or split expenses to deliver a promotional offer jointly to the combined list.

  • If creating a co-marketing offer together, discuss budgets and determine a viable timeline for both organizations. Ensure all marketing efforts include logos and contact information for both agencies, including direct mail, email campaigns, social media, and shared landing pages.

If your business would like help creating a co-branded print campaign, our creative team is here to help! Remember, other printers may be nearby, but nobody comes close.

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Uncommon Product
Change of Address Cards

Is your business considering a new location If so, change of address cards are an excellent way to keep your customers and vendors informed.

Change of address cards can be distributed as a postcard, greeting card, an insert into existing mailings, a bag insert with purchases, table tent cards at events or cafeterias, or even as rack cards at your checkout areas.

When creating your change of address cards, be sure to include all contact information, including address, phone, fax, email, etc., even if some remains the same.

In addition to announcing a move and providing new contact information, change of address cards can also be used to promote moving sales, as well as invite your audience to check out your new location.

If you'd like other ideas to promote a new business location, give us a call today!

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Tech Tip
Fix Stuck Pixels

Did you know that you can fix dead pixels or stuck pixels on almost any device - such as a computer monitor or television - simply by adding external energy to jumpstart the dead pixel

Pixels require specific voltages to operate correctly. Sometimes, pixels receive no voltage due to a fault, which results in a black/dead pixel that doesn't light up. Or, if a pixel doesn't get enough energy/electricity to change color, it causes a stuck pixel. Since most pixel defects are caused by insufficient voltage, you can often fix stuck pixels by adding additional energy. If your monitor or television isn't under warranty, here are a few methods to consider trying to fix a stuck pixel.

First, try to flash the screen with an animation that rapidly changes colors and causes significant voltage changes in surrounding pixels. This can often provide enough energy to get the pixel unstuck. Here is a sample video: (Note: seizure warning for this method.)

Another method is to provide external energy in the form of light and sound. For light, use a LED flashlight (it's important to use a LED flashlight rather than a traditional incandescent flashlight, which produces wavelengths of light at the correct frequency). For a sound, you need to generate a 60 Hertz audio tone (consider using a free tone generator app on your cell phone).

When you are ready, identify the pixel you want to fix, then shine the flashlight on the pixel, while also playing the audio tone on your cell phone loudly near the pixel for five seconds. If this doesn't work, you can try again, but the pixel may be permanently damaged and unrepairable.

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