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An adroit mixture of everyday settings and extraordinary events.
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The world of business and finance gets skewered, as Bottom Liners tackles subjects such as foreign takeovers, office policies, getting a raise, and the fast-paced world of Wall Street.
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A wry look at the absurdities of everyday life.
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In today's complex world of family issues, Focus on the Family provides grounded, practical advice for those dealing with family problems.
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Since 1978, Miss Manners has answered readers'' questions about all things etiquette, from proper table decorum and party planning to queries involving more complicated aspects of life.
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Kit is a single working woman. Carlyle is her spunky, mischievous kitten. Their lives together provide the humor for this slice-of-life strip.
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Get credible, unbiased advice from the editors of Consumer Reports about products, services, finance, health, nutrition, and more.
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The Way I See It

A wise friend once told me that friends are often like trees. Some friends are like leaves: they make your life colorful for a while but eventually some fall off and drift away as the seasons change. Some friends are like branches: they stay until the pressure gets to be too much to handle and they break. And some friends are like roots: they stay with you through thick and thin, offering support and strength no matter the circumstances.

Here's the way I see it: While there are many ways to compare friends in your life, my favorite saying is: friends are like streetlights on the road. They don't make the distance any shorter, but they make the road easier to navigate. If you need help steering in the right direction on an important printing project, we'd love to help!

Idea of the Week
Designing Direct Mail That Sells

If it sells, it is creative. This, in essence, is the first rule of direct mail design, according to legendary designer and author, David Ogilvy. But what sells? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when designing your next direct mail marketing piece:
  • The basics are in your mailbox.
    When you need inspiration, just go to your own personal direct mail idea vault... your mailbox! You probably receive tons of good direct mail each year. Set aside packages that catch your eye. The companies mailing these have spent thousands of dollars researching the best methods. Why not learn from their research?

  • Always try to beat your previous response rate.
    Play around with the design before sending the mailing out again. See if minor changes make a significant difference in the response rate. Send out different versions of your design to similar groups in your database, and test to see which one results in the most responses. Whatever you do, test it, and then test it again!

  • Use words that grab the reader's attention.
    Here is a recent list of "Words that Grab Attention," produced by Starch INRA Hooper Research Worldwide:
    Announcing / Discover / Easy / Exclusive / Free / Guarantee / Health / Help / Immediately / Introducing / Know / Learn / Love / Money / New / Now / Powerful / Profits / Protect / Proven / Results / Safe / Save / Secret(s) / Today / Trust / Understand / You
As you design the mailer, remember... have fun!

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Marketing Tip
Trade Show Marketing Tips

Trade shows can be a big investment for a small business, and they can be wildly successful if you take time to prepare your marketing efforts in advance. Here are a few tips to ensure you receive the best return on investment at your next trade show event:

  • Distribute a press release about your trade show attendance and any new product reveals or demonstrations you plan for the event.

  • Do something different to stand out, such as creating a theme at your booth, such as a Las Vegas-style slots game for prizes or a Hawaiian luau with festive drinks. 

  • Don't just give away items to everyone that walks past, rather encourage people enter a drawing or answer a question to earn their prize. Giveaways create no dialogue, whereas a contest instantly creates a participant.

  • Create displays and marketing materials that are straightforward and describe the products and services you offer. Many people will awkwardly avoid your booth if they don't understand what product you are offering. 

  • Plan in advance and request a pre-show attendance list so you can send them a mailer encouraging attendees to visit your booth. You can not only encourage recipients to check out your new product line, but also bring their mailer to your booth for a chance to win a grand prize.

  • Practice your 30-second elevator speech, which is a powerful mini-presentation that highlights what your company does and the solutions you offer.

  • Visit your competitor's booth to determine how your display and marketing materials compare, as well as your tactics for drawing in crowds of people. 

  • Link your marketing materials to a website landing page that attendees can go to immediately to learn more about specific products or services promoted at your show. Be sure this is mobile/tablet friendly since most attendees are carrying phones with them.

  • Don't forget to socialize via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs. Get hashtags for the tradeshow and tweet them ahead of time to let people know where to find your booth and what types of products or prizes you have to share.

  • Prepare your post-show mailer in advance so it's ready to go soon after the show is over and your company is still fresh in your attendee's memories. By creating a similar look as your pre-show message and your booth materials, you can increase brand recognition.

If you need ideas for unique marketing materials for an upcoming event, stop by today! Our creative experts are here to help. 


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Uncommon Product
Oversized Thank You Cards

What better way to say thank you than to say it BIG Oversized thank you cards are a great way to grab attention and be sure your message is noticed and remembered. Oversized thank you cards can be printed as a postcard or folded card. For extra impact, consider adding a die-cut shape or cut-out window to reveal messaging inside. 

Whether you are sending a thank you for a recent customer purchase or offering a simple thanks just for choosing to become part of your corporate family, a thank you card is a great way to show your appreciation and keep in touch with your customers. 

Want to increase the impact of your thank you cards Include your business card or design a tear-away card so customers can keep your contact information conveniently within reach. Also entice customers to return again soon by including a valuable coupon or discount in your thank you. 

While making the effort to thank your customers may be time consuming, it leaves a valuable, lasting impression that will give you a competitive edge by helping customers remember you for future business.

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Tech Tip
Apps Improve Your Memory

Have you ever forgotten where you put your keys or can't remember where you parked your car While there are many traditional ways to combat forgetfulness (such as getting enough sleep, socializing, and eating healthy and exercising, etc.), here are a few apps to help improve your memory with mental exercises: 

  • Brain Trainer (iPhone) offers brain games that are designed to enhance your cognitive abilities such as memory, processing speed, attention, flexibility and problem solving.

  • Vismory (iPhone & iPad) requires memorizing the shape, color, and position of small 3D objects and then answer challenges. 

  • Memory Trainer (Android) improves memory, focus and concentration with short lessons that are fun and challenging. 

  • Fruits Memory Game  (Android) rekindles the classic childhood game enabling you to train your memory by trying to find all pairs of fruit.

  • Brain Workout (Android) provides games that train your brain and analyze your memory, concentration, reaction and accuracy abilities.

  • Memory (Android) exercises not only memory skills, but also attention to detail.

  • iCue Memory (iPhone) is endorsed by the USA Memory Championship and is based on memorization time, number of items memorized, recall time and accuracy. 

  • Luminosity (iPhone) enables users to tailor training plans based on goals for memory, attention span, speed, flexibility, and problem solving.

  • Music Game (iPhone) is like a classic Go Fish memory game using music instead of cards. 

If you need help with an important printing project, don't forget to give us a call! We're here to help!

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